The demand by perfection, the love about detail and the constant search for exclusivity are behind the creation of unique pieces, entirely handmade and coming to live through firm cutting and sensitive hands of Paulo Battista.

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The details are not the details. They make the design.

Among love metrics, firm cuts, point to point, interlining and needles, we create details that make the difference. Details that, being huge, turn the set on excellence and go beyond ... the handkerchief in the lapel, the impeccably cut shirt, the soft gloves lined with cashmere, the towering hat or the cufflinks always available to be unbutton, leaving the last button out of the house in a sign that the entire look is custom-made.

New Tie Collection

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Ours Services

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"Against a good suit, there are no arguments"

Each piece is exclusively made according to the individual preferences of each client. The quality is always first in order to meet the customers' requirements that really want to wear unique pieces tailor and handmade.

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"The suit as a second skin"

Years of "métier", meticulously executing the cut for shaping the suit through the settlement of interlinings, felt, camel hair and horse hair, all fine passed by the iron steam.

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"Collar cuts"

From the "turndown collar" to the low collar or "cutaway collar" to the "attachable collar", which takes us away from traditional collars, the choice is vast and conditioned by cuts, styles, patterns, fabrics, shades, ties, ties and scarves ...

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"There are no limits to the imagination"

When the pants a good suit fall on a great quality shoes, we can speak about an irreproachable presentation.


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"Less is more?"

Pin tie, cufflinks, belts, suspenders, silk scarf, scarf, hat, gloves, wallet, suitcase, business bag, pocket bottle, glasses ... an endless of accessories exclusively thought to complete the look.